How to improve your administrative skills – The Principal’s Job.

1.5.2015 | 15:34

So.  yes…I’m talking to you Mr. Administrator!

Let’s talk about what’s wrong with Principals and Education.

How can you be a better principal?

First off…Principal is associated with principles…and if it’s should be.

Second…PrinciPAL?  I don’t think so. Is it your job to be our Pal or our leader?

You have an agenda to make that school board smile don’t you? (Speaking of which, why do we allow uneducated members of our society to run school boards …yes it happens all the time…….to make decisions about where our school money goes? How does that make any sense?  OH…wait…I know. Politics.  It poisons the educational system.  Education is BIG money and if you can have your hand in it, you get big jobs.  Like my school.  Guess who all the low bidders were on our multimillion dollar renovations? guessed it….school board member associates or “acquaintances”.

Coincidence?  I think not.

When you are the leader of a village of idiots…no one questions your decisions and those that do…get fired.   Simple as that.  Yay!  Go Education.  If they don’t get fired, they get stigmatized.  Go forbid someone goes against the grain and tries to make a change from the stagnant water from which they’ve been floating.

Ok..back to Administration.  How can you improve your skills as an administrator of a low income, poverty ridden and drug addicted school district?

YOU PAY ATTENTION TO your TEACHERS.  You feed your foundation.

1. Pay them compliments.  Even a little hello can go a long way.  Laying out excuses like: “I thought you were in a bad mood or I didn’t know what to say when you returned from an illness .. or…I thought you might need some space”  Those are cope outs and a very fluid example of an administrator who needs to work on his management / people skills.   Statements like that are for marital relationships and the principal and teacher are not in one…and even then…they are still excuses at their core of an administrator who is afraid of stepping out of a comfort zone because of the fear of rejection.

You can’t be afraid of talking to people if you are suppose to lead leaders of people.

2. REWARD ingenuity.  Don’t be afraid of change.  Embrace it.  When a teacher changes up their way of teaching that may be controversial or “new”, don’t worry that the kids will fail those state tests.  Shame on your for not having faith in your teacher’s judgment about the students she is adapting her classroom plans fro.  REWARD  and RECOGNIZE the fact that they are still trying to help those difficult kids.  Embrace and Value the fact that you have someone on your team who is willing to NEVER QUIT and try whatever it takes.  Running scared and telling a teacher they can’t try something new is like putting a noose around their neck, taking away their passion and desire to help and encourage STAGNANT WATERS of NO CHANGE.

Let the educated Masters of their Fields use their ingenuity to find ways to improve classroom production.  Don’t be scared.  BAck up and support the creation of inventive ideas to help teach today’s youth.  Otherwise…you stay stagnant and never change and never progress and America’s public Education goes down the tubes even further.  You can not grow if you do not change. (Biological FACT)


3. FOCUS on positive Reinforcement and Reinforce your hand book.  What’s the point of progressive discipline in a hand book if you don’t follow it yourself?  How do you expect teacher’s to change their mentatude (new word) when you don’t display and practice what you preach.

You want teacher’s to hold students accountable and follow the handbook, but if you don’t support their decisions and expert experience in managing decisions on behavior, then you don’t support your handbook.

Furthermore, having administrators who walk by handbook violations and not address them…bad example.  We follow our leaders. Make sure you follow the lessons you want us to follow.

Teacher’s use the handbook to help guide students.  But if the handbook is not followed by the School Leader (yes you..the principal), it won’t be long be the teachers don’t give a damn about the handbook because it’s not followed by you.

If you don’t show the handbook  respect then neither will your teachers.


So there you have it.  Three ways to really make a huge difference in your school culture.  And what a surprise!  It starts in the trenches with the leaders you support in every single classroom.


The List Below is copied with permission from Charissa Daman

  • Feed each teacher and you feed each classroom.
  • Feed Each Classroom and you feed EACH student.
  • Feed Each Student and you feed Each Family.
  • Feed Each Family and you Feed Each Population.
  • Feed Each Population and you Feed EACH Community.
  • Feed EACH Community and you have Positive Progress and a Better School Environment well within your reach.



Do you want to keep struggling to grow a community and change the world around your school?  I know your answer is no….so get out there and find ways to feed those teachers!  Build your bottom foundation.  Focus on ONE thing and let the rest fall into place.  If you streamline focus that one thing, stay with it, don’t give up on it, it will cause a domino affect on everything else that follows.


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