Shut UP and Let me Teach

30.4.2015 | 21:06

Being called a teaching fan, I’m not sure about what to post on this blog.

I mean, I’m a teacher.   I just love teaching but there is an alter ego and sadly very synical and mean side of me that wants to come out here.

I’m sure I’m not the only teacher who has ever thought or felt this way.

Naturally, I love the blog name.

Shut up and Teach.

So are we talking about the teacher to shut up or the students?

Who should be told to shut their fucking mouth?

(Yeah…there she is….that bad mouthed wants to beat some sense into you teacher…Would I ever?  Never.  No way. I don’t even kill ants and spiders.)

So..back to topic here.

Who should shut up and teach in a classroom? depends on the situation.

Being that the teacher has to convey the activities/goals/objectives for the day, I would say that the students would be more a target of the shut up rather than the teacher.


Try telling that to some bad assed mama’s boys in class.

Yes…I said that to.

Let me tell you about my favorite student of all time (sarcasm) who just lights up my day and I just love hearing from his mother what a good boy he USE to be.

Even his own mother knows he’s a douche right now.

Damn I hate the way this kid behaves.

I don’t really hate anyone. Especially students.  I just don’t have it in me….but MAN do I hate some stupid ass behaviors that the school district tolerates and that the parents, sadly, support whether they know it or not.

Being a mother, I am always alert and aware of those critical moments with my two kids that could make the difference between and asshole mother fucking student behavior and an angel who is a solid leader in life and wants to eat more and more knowledge.

Students who know their job is to learn are a joy.  Even the ones who struggle or the ones who may have bad behavior, I generally can get them to come around by the end of the school year.

Yes, I’m proud of that.  I’m like a MaMa Duck whose ugly little babies turned swan.  I love that about teaching.  You can see them grow.

But back to Asshole behavior kid.  Ahh..who am I kidding?  He’s an asshole.

It’s not surprise to me that his best buddy just got thrown in jail for armed robbery and for stealing from his mother’s house. What did he steal?  More guns.

Classy huh?  (Speaking of class, you don’t have to be rich to have class…it’s all in your behavior and how you treat people)

Some might argue that this blog lacks class…but then what kind of person would I be if I had nowhere to talk about the shit that bugs me.  I’d be like one of those teachers that inappropriately befriends their students and oops!  the next thing you know you’re in bed with them but you just didn’t know how that happened because you thought a little kiss was ok.


No Thank you.  Not me.   Besides that.  I like MEN.  Real MEN…not young men who don’t know how to handle their testosterone and still rely on Mommy to wipe their ass.

Man! Am I on a rant!

So..this kid.  I’ve watched him from middle school to HIgh school and in the past year he has taken a dive bomb.

Calling his mother , it is clear that she is completely in denial.

She knows “he’s changed” but he’s a good kid.   REally?

Swearing at teacher and taunting them? Touching other students? Bullying the special ed kid….IN THE BATHROOM?  Oh yeah…Great kid.

So..who should shut up and teach here?  This student told me to shut up and leave him alone.


Because he hates himself so much that he can’t stand to be alive?  Because he has nothing better to do but blame others for his suck?  Because he runs to mommy when he’s scared and he doesn’t understand why his testicles are shrinking when they are suppose to be growing?

I guess it’s reasonable that this kid doesn’t want to be successful.

So rather than try to help him.  Rather then pushing him in the right direction. Rather than noticing that he has changed and that the path he is choosing is going to hurt him. Rather than alerting his mother to his bizarre behavior.  Rather than talking to his friends to find out what’s going on in his life so you can help him. RATHER then spending time on thinking of ways to help this one kid…..

….Maybe I should just Shut Up and Teach.


Who the heck needs someone that notices those things and tries to help them anyways?


Not I, said the horrible teacher who takes the pay and does nothing behind the desk all day.  (Not me)

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